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Orca Snacker

SKU: SQU118421

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Ages: 0+
IiiiiNNnntroOOOOduCInGGGG THeeeee sNAcKerrrrrrr ORrrrrrrcA WHaLEEE! Oops, sorry, I forgot not everyone can speak whale like I can! What I said was, "Introducing the Snacker Orca Whale!" Are we all caught up now? GOOD! May this be the beginning to a long and illustrious career in speaking whale so you and your orca can talk all the time, you're welcome.

Fancy a snack? Snackers are bite-sized Squishables! They're smaller than a Mini but bigger than a Micro (that's 5-6")! They've got a base of beans on the inside, and our special soft fur on the outside! Stack 'em! Display 'em! Throw 'em at someone! [Editors note: don't throw them at someone.]