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Roll Again Tower

SKU: FA178-1

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It's endless ball run fun Grab the ball from the base and instantly, all the other balls roll down to the next level in unison!

Ages: 12 mo+

Drop the ball you just grabbed into the funnel at the top, watch it roll to the next stop, and then grab the next ball to do it all over again...

And again and again and again!

Curiosity develops into hours of cause-and-effect learning and discovery when little ones start exploring the vibrant and fascinating Roll Again Tower.

  • Ball run featuring unique mechanism that sends all balls rolling at once
  • Encourages fine motor skills, spatial reasoning skills, cause-and-effect, psychomotor skills
  • Tactile exploration is on a roll!
  • Lift ball from the switch at the bottom, all the other balls are sent rolling down one level in unison
  • Drop the ball into the funnel at the top, lift the next ball to do it all over again