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Snow Leopard Cub Puppet

SKU: FM3137

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Striking blue eyes, exquisite spotted plush fur, and a long tail give the Folkmanis® Snow Leopard Cub puppet its iconic look while movable mouth and forelegs lend to its realism!

Ages: 3+

Kids can discover more about this endangered species while developing an interest in the natural world. Puppets are wonderful tools for teaching concepts such as food chain relationships, anatomy, behavior, diversity, and life cycles. For interpreters and naturalists, they make excellent models for introducing behavioral traits and adaptations found in wild animals. Children naturally gravitate toward puppets, making them a perfect enrichment tool for presentations, discussions, and enhanced storytelling.
  • Measurements: 17in L x 11in H x 7in W
  • Movable mouth and forelegs
  • Work from underside
  • Easily animate the antics of this engaging Snow Leopard Cub hand puppet
  • Your hand controls the mouth, forelegs, and expressions of this interactive mammal puppet
  • Comfortably slips over the hand
  • Child to Large Adult Hand