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Storybook Princess Sticker Paper Doll

SKU: DP437264

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Wicked stepmothers and stepsisters, an ugly beast, a poisoned apple, and a fairy's curse couldn't stop these enchanting princesses from living "happily ever after!"

Ages: 4-8

After Beauty marries the Beast, the evil spell is broken, transforming him into a handsome prince. As Cinderella leaves the prince's ball, she loses her glass slipper — only for the prince to find it, search for her, and marry her. And Princess Aurora and Snow White were both awakened from a deep sleep by a prince's kiss. You can dress up our little storybook princess in elegant gowns and matching accessories from each of these favorite fairy tales. Just lift off the stickers and place them on the doll located on the inside back cover. The stickers can be used over and over, so be sure to put them back on the pages of the book to store them.
  • Paper Dolls
  • 4 Pages
  • Barbara Steadman