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Striped Dress 14"

SKU: CO140960

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Ages: 2+
The little Mon Premier Corolle dolls have a full range of fashions and accessories made for first-time doll play. Corolle dolls are very fashionable, designed and styled in France, and stimulate the senses with bright colors and quality embroidery. The 14-inch Corolle Striped Dress make dolls fashionable and posh, encouraging imagination to flow during play time. Great for adding to any 14-inch Mon Grand doll. The perfect clothing line to dress up Corolle dolls; soft, strong and long-lasting with strong self-adhesive closures for easy dressing and removal. Play time never became so vibrant and colorful with the Corolle Striped Dress for 14-inch baby dolls.

Every year since 1979, the good fairies at Corolle have called on a wealth of imagination to create dolls, clothing and accessories that fit each child’s age and stage. This play helps them learn about the world around them, imitate what they see, explore their dreams, and let their imaginations run free.