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Grand Prix Car - UGears

SKU: UTG0031

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Ages 14+

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years.

Do you love the golden age of the automobile industry? Imagine the roaring engines, the shiny frames, and the unique classic cars of the early 20th century. Model builders who love the Grand Prix and enjoy dreaming of the thrill of speed and power that comes with the Grand Prix circuit are a perfect match for UGears Grand Prix Car models.

One of the highlights of UGears models is that they utilize gears and mechanisms. Most modern devices have such tiny mechanisms that you may miss out on how fascinating moving gears can be. If you are interested in mechanics, then the UGears U-9 Grand Prix car model will provide you with special insight into moving gears, as these models come to life with working gears and a beautiful structure.

This model recreates the V8 engine and fan and has 16 functional valves. To wind it, you crank the hand crank in the front. It has a link rod and transmission that switches between reverse, idle, and forward. In addition, there are a spring-suspended fork and rubberized wheels for smooth and quick movement.