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Exciting March Tonies Releases: Discover New Stories and Adventures!

Exciting March Tonies Releases: Discover New Stories and Adventures!

Welcome to our roundup post of the exciting new Tonies releases for March! For those who are new to the world of Tonies, they are collectible figurines that, when paired with a Toniebox, play music, songs, and stories to entertain and educate children. To learn more about Tonies and the Toniebox, visit our previous Tonies blog post.

Everything New This Month

This month, we have an incredible lineup of hand-painted characters and new accessories that will delight children of age, and help promote creativity, learning, and a love for storytelling. Keep reading to discover the fantastic new Tonies characters joining our collection, including Miffy, Sleepy Sheep Night Light, The Little Engine That Could, Sleepy Friends Sleepy Rabbit, Yoohoo to the Rescue: Yoohoo, Yoohoo to the Rescue: Pammee, and Smokey Bear. Let the adventures begin!

Miffy, Sleepy Sheep Night Light, The Little Engine That Could, Sleepy Friends Sleepy Rabbit, Yoohoo to the Rescue: Yoohoo, Yoohoo to the Rescue: Pammee, and Smokey Bear.

Miffy: Miffy's Adventures

Available exclusively through Tonies specialty stores and shop partners, such as The Red Balloon Toy Store, until June, Miffy is a delightful addition to your Tonies collection.

All About Miffy

Miffy is a young, adventurous bunny who loves to explore, learning about the world around her alongside her best friends. Through adventure and play, Miffy learns to cope with difficult situations and discover new things, teaching little listeners important life lessons in a fun and engaging way. Don't miss the opportunity to bring Miffy's wonderful world of play, exploration, and friendship to your child's Toniebox, nurturing their curiosity and love for learning.

The Little Engine That Could

Choo-choo! All aboard for the inspiring journey of The Little Engine That Could! This classic story, penned by Watty Piper, has motivated and encouraged generations of children with its simple yet powerful message of perseverance and self-belief.

The Little Engine That Could Tonie brings the beloved tale to life, following the story of a small yet determined engine that bravely takes on the seemingly impossible task of climbing a steep mountain. As the little engine chugs along, repeating the mantra, "I think I can, I think I can," it teaches little listeners the importance of believing in themselves and never giving up. This timeless Tonie is a must-have gift for any collection, providing the gift of a fun and engaging way for children to learn valuable life lessons while sparking their imaginations.

Hand painted Miffy and The Little Engine That Could on top of their toniebox ready to play music and tell classic stories.

Sleepy Sheep Night Light

Introducing the Sleepy Sheep Night Light Tonie, a versatile and comforting addition to add to your child's bedtime routine. This Tonie not only plays 90 minutes of soothing classical melodies and nature sounds but also allows you to choose and record your own bedtime songs and stories, making it a truly personalized listening experience.

What Makes It A Night Light?

The Sleepy Sheep Night Light features a calming light with four brightness settings, which can be used both on and off your Toniebox, providing the perfect atmosphere for relaxation and sleep. This unique Tonie is designed to make bedtime an enjoyable and calming experience for all ages and children.

The importance of establishing a bedtime routine for kids cannot be overstated. A consistent routine helps them feel secure, understand boundaries, and develop healthy sleep habits. By incorporating calming elements with the help of toys and accessories like the Sleepy Sheep Night Light Tonie, parents can create an environment that promotes relaxation and signals to their child that it's time to wind down. Soothing music, nature sounds, and the soft glow of the night light all work together to create a peaceful atmosphere, making it easier for children to transition from the excitement of the day to a restful night's sleep. The option for parents to choose and record personal bedtime songs and stories also adds a sense of comfort and familiarity, fostering a strong bond between parent and child.

Sleep Friends Sleepy Rabbit

Meet Sleepy Rabbit, the newest addition to the charming Sleepy Friends tonies series, specially designed to lull your little ones into a peaceful slumber. Sleepy Rabbit's gentle demeanor and calming presence make it a perfect bedtime companion for kids. This Tonie features a collection of soothing bedtime stories and tranquil sounds that effortlessly transport young listeners into a world of relaxation and sweet dreams. As Sleepy Rabbit embarks on nighttime adventures, children will find comfort in listening to the familiar characters change stories and gentle narratives. The Sleepy Friends Sleepy Rabbit Tonie is an ideal addition to any child's collection, creating a serene bedtime atmosphere and encouraging a restful night's sleep.

Sleepy time characters sleeping on top of their toniebox telling soft and simple bedtime stories

Yoohoo to the Rescue: Yoohoo

Get ready for action-packed adventures with Yoohoo to the Rescue: Yoohoo Tonie! Yoohoo, the charismatic and courageous leader of the Yoohoo to the Rescue series of tonies, takes children on thrilling journeys with his friends as they work together to explore and protect the environment and solve various challenges. This Tonie is packed with engaging stories that not only entertain but also teach kids valuable lessons about friendship, teamwork, and the importance of caring for our planet. Through Yoohoo's exciting escapades, young listeners will develop a greater understanding of the world around them while fostering a sense of responsibility for the environment. Add Yoohoo to your child's Tonies' whimsical collection and inspire them to become Earth's little heroes!

Yoohoo to the Rescue: Pammee

Introducing Pammee, the lovable and spirited character from the Yoohoo to the Rescue series. As a loyal friend to Yoohoo, Pammee plays an important role in their environmental adventures. This Tonie brings more favorite stories with Pammee, Yoohoo, and their escapades to life, highlighting her strong bond with Yoohoo and the rest of their team. As they embark on various missions in order to save and protect the planet, Pammee teaches kids about the power of friendship, teamwork, and the importance of standing up for what's right. With its captivating stories and valuable lessons, the Yoohoo to the Rescue: Pammee Tonie is a wonderful addition to gift to your child's collection of tonies, inspiring them to be compassionate and environmentally-conscious individuals.

Smokey Bear

Join Smokey Bear, the iconic symbol of wildfire prevention, on a series of exciting adventures that teach children about fire safety and the importance of preserving nature. With a history dating back to 1944, Smokey Bear has been educating generations about the dangers of wildfires and the steps we can take to prevent them.

This Smokey Bear Tonie features classic stories, characters, songs, and lessons that not only entertain but also provide valuable information on how children can become responsible stewards of our environment. With its captivating narratives, characters, songs, and timeless message, the Smokey Bear Tonie is a must-have addition to any child's collection, encouraging them to respect and protect the world around them.

Bonus: tonie® Toppers

New accessories Toniebox Toppers great gift for parents to gift any age kids. Space Journey, Pirate Voyage, Princess Sunrise, Rainbow Party

As you continue to choose how to expand your child's Tonie collection, we are excited to introduce another fantastic accessory: tonie® Toppers! These versatile and visually appealing box Toppers come in a variety of captivating designs, including On the Seas, Behind the Rainbow, On the Magic Trip, and Through the Galaxy. Each design adds a touch of charm and personalization to add more to your Toniebox.

Why Would My Child Need A tonie® Topper?

tonie® Toppers not only provide a fun way to add something to customize your Toniebox but also serve as a protective layer. Crafted to be scratch-resistant, heat-resistant, and water-repellent, these Toppers ensure that your Toniebox remains safe from everyday wear and tear. Applying and removing the Toppers is a breeze, thanks to their self-adhesive design, which leaves no residue behind. This feature makes it easy to place and swap out Toppers, allowing you to change and add the personality of your Toniebox whenever you like.