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What Parents Need to Know about the Toniebox

What Parents Need to Know about the Toniebox

Red Toniebox with music notes coming out of it

What is the Toniebox and what do you use it for?

The Toniebox is a Wifi-enabled speaker for kids that allows them to listen to stories and music. It's a great way for pre-readers and developing readers to be introduced to the world of narrative. The Toniebox uses hand-painted characters called Tonies to play a variety of different music and stories, making it a great supplement to playtime.

The Toniebox speaker is a great source for screen-free entertainment for little listeners with many uses. Listen to "The Wheels on the Bus" or "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" on the Playtime Songs Tonie, embark a on journey with one of many Disney Tonies like Moana and Anna, end the day with a classic bedtime story like Pinocchio, or even learn things like animal behavior or Spanish from the Chris Wild Kratts Tonie, and the Spanish Playtime Songs Tonie.

Creative Tonies let you play music audio files that you upload with a computer or anything that you record using the mytonies app. Do grandma and grandpa live far away? Send them an invitation (you are in complete control) with the mytonies app to record bedtime stories with their own voice for the little listeners to enjoy.

How does the Toniebox work?

The Toniebox is easy to use. Just place a Tonie character on the box and the audio will automatically start playing. There are no buttons or screens, which makes it an ideal toy for young children. The controls are perfect for tiny hands . Squeeze the ears to control the volume, slap either side of the Toniebox to skip ahead or go back, tilt to fast forward or rewind, or remove the Tonie to pause!

When using a Tonie for the first time, you will to be connected to Wifi. The square indicator on top of the Toniebox will glow blue while it downloads the content from the new Tonie and turn green when it is done. Now the Toniebox is ready for travel!

place to play, squeeze ears to change volume, slap to skip, and remove figure to pause!

What are some of the benefits of using a Toniebox?

One of the many reasons our customers love their Toniebox is that it is screen free. This means that it is the perfect toy for encouraging your child’s imagination as they would while reading a book.

The Toniebox is safe. Smart speakers are so convenient and kids love the idea of speaking with voice assistants, but these devices are not always safe for children. With the Toniebox, you can be sure that your child is only hearing age-appropriate content and is not making any accidental purchases.

The Toniebox is durable. If you have young kids, you know that they can be pretty rough on their belongings. The Toniebox is made to withstand some serious wear, tear, and drops. Plus, it’s easy to wipe clean!

The Toniebox is portable. You can easily take the Toniebox with you on the go. This way, your child can enjoy their favorite stories and songs wherever they are. Use a Tonies Carrying Case and Headphones (sold separately) for the ultimate on-the-go experience.

screen-free, safe for kids, durable, portable.  

Who is the Toniebox for?

The Toniebox is designed for kids ages 3 and up! Younger children may also play with adult supervision. After the initial setup is completed by an adult, the Toniebox will be ready for all the Tonies and their songs and stories. Many crafty parents get their creative fix by reshaping and painting Creative Tonies to make new characters of their own! See for yourself on the Toniebox USA Facebook Group.

for ages 3+, ages 0+ can use toniebox with adult supervision. Image of child laughing at and holding a puppy tonie figure.

How much does the Toniebox cost?

Toniebox Starter Sets are just $99.99! 

Where can you buy a Toniebox?

You can find Tonies and Tonieboxes on the tonies® website as well as many large retailers and independently owned toy stores *cough* like The Red Balloon Toy Store *cough*

What comes with the purchase of a Toniebox?

While we can't comprehensively speak for other retailers, at The Red Ballon Toy Store you will get a Starter Set that includes the Playtime Puppy as well as in-stock 1 Tonie or Creative Tonie of your choice! Be sure to join our mailing list to get first dibs on special offers and other promotions throughout the year.

Each Toniebox Starter Set also includes a charging station.

buy a toniebox starter set and any tonie figure for $99.99 

Are Tonies headphones the only compatible headphones? What makes them unique?

If your children want to listen privately, the Toniebox has a standard 3.5mm headphone jack that will work with any standard headphones! Tonies headphones have a few added benefits: they're durable, they're foldable, they limit volume for safe listening, and they come with a detachable audio cable with a BuddyJack for listening with up to 4 sets of headphones from a single box!

red, pink, green, blue, purple, and gray headphones